Freitag, 31. Dezember 2010

Vintage clothes: My old Barbour.

Dear readers,

this is the jacket I love and hate.

I bought my Barbour Beaufort some years ago, 22 years to be precisely. We both have been trough a lot of struggle, like barbed wire fences at paddocks, tons of rain and even London's chilly autumn. I put a fake fur in it, bought a hood, gave it new waxing a few times, stiched its holes and treated it well.

It always did its job perfectly but I always had the feeling it was way too big for me.
The label said 48, of what I thought was a German 48 (38 in UK measures). So when I found out an UK's 48 was for a fat guy (I wear 40), I was pretty disappointed of the sales man, who didn't know the right sizes of English clothes and did sell me a sack jacket.

That was the point, when I decided not to trust recommendations of clothes sales men any longer. I figured that most of them are always wrong when it comes down to style, sizes, dessins, well, everything. So now, the only three guys I do trust, is me, myself and I.

Today I still like to wear my old Beaufort, because it does not have the name stiched on the left pocket's flap, has the original tartan check and has this killer patina you can't buy.

On the other hand, every time I wear it, I know that it's too big for me.

But 2011 will be the year to buy a new one. Or maybe I could ask the Barbour guys to do some size alterations? What would you do?

Happy New Year!

Rearranging my bars.

Dear readers,

first of all, welcome to my blog, Masood Khan.

I did a few changes in my bars in the past days. I've bought a little this and that but I'm not finished as you can imagine.
In my decanters you'll find J&B Scotch, a nice Sherry, some liqueur and some kind of Schnaps (I got no idea what it might be...).

And I did stock up my globe with some Brandy, Scotch, Jägermeister and Underberg. Still enough room :-)

Cheers, my friends and read you next year!

Samstag, 25. Dezember 2010

How to rule the world: The famous globe bar.

Dear readers,

pls. take a look at the great Christmas gift my wife gave to me:

A world globe with a built-in bar.

Every hero or villain needs a bar like this one. Italian made with the reprint of an antique world map, this globe bar comes with enough space for several bottles and glasses under the dome and has more room for famous drinks on the lower shelf (my son is two years old, so won't use it).

Now it is time to fill it with some of the best liquids.

Merry Christmas!

Dear readers,

enjoy this time of the year with your family and your loved ones.
Use the time to think about your life, your dreams and your plans.

A merry Christmas to all of you!

Mittwoch, 15. Dezember 2010

What's in the store today? JOOP!

Today I payed a visit to good old Sevens and noticed some nice stuff at the JOOP! flagship store.
I like that window pane suit, but the decorator really messed up both trousers.

Montag, 13. Dezember 2010

Do you like Tweed?

Well, today my job forced me to spend my lunch break at my desk (no Düsseldorf pics at all), so I'll provide you with some stuff I found on the net.

What I really dig, when it comes down to true outdoor country clothing, is Tweed. I first noticed Tweed suits in Roetzel's book "The Gentleman" like 2 decades ago at the age of 20 (or was it in an old Barbour catalogue?) and thought about how I'd look in it when I had the age to wear it (I used to wear skatewear these days).

Nowadays I own only 1 (what I do call a real) Tweed jacket and really do think about buying a three piece suit.

So today I found this amazing page: Bookster of UK offers a large range of standard and bespoke suits, waistcoats, trousers, caps, etc.
It's pretty amazing, how many different options you have to personalize your jacket or whatever.

So, what do you think?

All pictures by courtesy of Bookster.

Samstag, 11. Dezember 2010

What did I wear yesterday?

Dear readers,

this is what I did wear in the office yesterday:

What about the black bar? I don't like the look of my eyes on this one.

Blue herringbone tweed jacket
Blue striped dress shirt
Cashmere tie
Knit cardigan

My wife doesn't like that I do blog myself but it's ok for me :-)

Nice weekend

My latest purchase: Sharp Suits

Dear readers,

as I'm very interested in books about fashion (as you know), Sharp Suits by Eric Musgrave was on my list for some time. So then yesterday I got a call from my local bookstore, that my order had arrived.

I must confess that this book offers so much more than I expected. It features a lot of very cool photos and tells the story of the suit through the ages.

If you're interested in fashion and would like to learn how to dress well, this book might not be the best choice to start. But if you like to know more about the centerpiece of man's clothing than this book is mandatory!

This is one of the books a welldressed gentleman must own!

Go and buy! Now!

The chapters:

Chapter One:
Convention or Fashion?
The single-breasted suit

Chapter Two:
A Question of Balance
The double-breasted suit

Chapter Three:
Princes Among Men
The striped suit

Chapter Four:
The Italian Job
The checked suit

Chapter Five:
US Male
The white suit

Chapter Six:
Passion from Paris
The Dormeuil suits

Chapter Seven:
Lost In Music
The Bowie suits

Chapter Eight:
The Magic of the Movies

Donnerstag, 9. Dezember 2010

My lunch break today.

Store Check: What's new at Zegna?

Dear readers,

as you might know, Zegna is one of my favorite stores when it comes down to window decoration in men's wear. I like Zegna's style even if I'm not ready to pay the prices yet :-)

So, what's in the stores: Chelseay boots, knit ties, tweed jackets with built-in quilted waistcoats and patch pockets.

I really like that jacket, but what about the color?

Nice Tassel loafers!

Montag, 29. November 2010

My latest purchase: Walking machines

Dear readers,

today, it did snow for the first time of this winter in Düsseldorf.
Image the chaos that took place on the streets.

Nevermind. I used my lunch break today to buy me a pair of new boots, Caterpillar Colorados, to be precisely. Color: Chocolate. Smooth leather, bot nubuck, what might be an advantage for the cleaning process (even if I own a special nubuck brush).

CAT is my favorite brand when it comes down to heavy boots. They follow me for the last 17 years, I guess. CATs are not that expensive as Red Wings and more true to their origin: Construction works.

For curious readers: You'll find the price in Euros on the sticker.

Sonntag, 28. November 2010

The Gentleman's game: Chess

Dear readers,

when I took a walk with my wife today, we stopped by chance at a little flea market, which you'll find in Germany quite often. I know this particular market for the main part as a gathering of ugly people selling trash to ugly people (the ones who carry a baby and got a cigarette in their mouth).

But this time it was different. On one side of the market we spotted vintage Harris Tweed jackets (not my size), one booth selling Barbour jackets which didn't look like copies (98 Euros for a new Beaufort, not my size. Strange! Maybe stolen goods?), another one did sell vintage Burberry trenches and Tweed jackets (Guess what: Not my size).

Then I noticed a jewel every Gentleman needs to own: A vintage wooden chessboard. The salesman demanded 25 € and after a few words I did pay 20 Euros, what is quite a bargain.

What can be more relaxing than a game of chess with your wife or a good friend and a glass of scotch?

Pls. double click images to enlarge.

Samstag, 27. November 2010

Bargain shop purchase: Tkmaxx

On Friday I went with my style pal Spoozy of Kleidsam to Tkmaxx in Neuss.

This is my catch:

Two very nice cashmere knit ties by Bäumler (my first ones!).

One white and brown linen pocket square.

One red-grey-black-white scarf by Massaro for my wife.

Pls. double click image to enlarge.

Dienstag, 23. November 2010

Store check: Kuball & Kempe in Hamburg

Dear readers,

during my business trip yesterday, right before my appointment, I spotted this terrific shop right in the middle of Hamburg's Altstadt: Kuball & Kempe.

Thomas Kuball and Peter Kempe sell everything that has something to do with lifestyle and heritage, e.g. a famous Laguiole collection, Parisian lingerie designer D. Porthault, Meißner china, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona chairs, even Adidas sneakers. The list seems to be endless.
Go see for yourself:

Kuball & Kempe
Alter Fischmarkt 11
20457 Hamburg

Get in touch:

As they don't have any online appearance, I'll provide more pictures than usual.
Pls. double click images to expand.

Thomas Kuball

Peter Kempe

 Kuball & Kempe
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