Samstag, 31. Juli 2010

On the street: Nice couple

Dear readers,

first of all I am happy to announce a new member to join us:
Charlotte Marangone Today was very special for me, because me and my wife had the time to do some shopping in the city. Just the two of us, thanks to my sister-in-law, who took care of our lovely little son.

Entering H+M on KÖ I spotted this nice couple.

Thank you for following me back outside and letting me take this picture!

On the street: Streetstyle

This shot took some time, so thx for your patience!

Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2010

Düsseldorf Styleclicker exhibition: When Bloggers meet.

Dear readers,

first of all, please give a warm welcome to my latest follower JK.

Today I paid a visit to the Styleclicker exhibition at Düsseldorf's NRW Forum. I was accompanied by 3 well known guys of fashion.

Mr. Style himself: Spoozyliciouzz of Kleidsam.

Stilmagazin-Styler JPG.

Jules, famous tailor at Radermacher in Düsseldorf.

Styleclicker in Düsseldorf: Visitors of the exhibition

Here are some shots of today's exhibition visitors.

Visiteur de France.
Check out his laces!

Yellow and Pink!

Coolest Chucks ever!

Tyler from Italy.

Detail of his self-made T-Shirt.

Dienstag, 27. Juli 2010

Showroom check: Cinque

Dear readers,

first of all, please give a warm welcome to my new followers: schnellie_ef and Savile Joe!

So what's going on in Düsseldorf?

When it comes to RTW, Cinque is my favorite brand with regard to fit and design. So it was a pleasure to shoot a few impressions of the Spring/Summer collection 2011.


On my way to Cinque Showroom.

Dramatic sky: Düsseldorf Media harbour.

Chinos and bermudas.

Waistcoats, Pochettes and cuffed chinos!

Suede lace-ups

Feeling blue?

Cool summer trench!

Sonntag, 25. Juli 2010

Düsseldorf Voices Of Fashion Dome: Impressions

Düsseldorf Voices Of Fashion Dome: Impressions II

Düsseldorf Voices Of Fashion Dome: Love Jozi

Here's a small cool brand from South Africa. Johannesburg to be precise, which is better known as "Jozi".

Welcome to Love Jozi.

Check out the shirts, especially the "Blogger" one :-)

Thank you, Bradley, for the nice chat! I love the shirt! If The Shirt Fits Wear It.

Düsseldorf Voices Of Fashion Dome: Shoes at Alina Schuerfeld

Pretty shoes and bags by Alina Schuerfeld.

Düsseldorf Voices Of Fashion Dome: Fenja of LUDVÍK

Bespoke feminine chic at LUDVíK.

Düsseldorf Voices Of Fashion Dome: Quasso

Pretty nice wallets at Quasso.

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