Montag, 29. November 2010

My latest purchase: Walking machines

Dear readers,

today, it did snow for the first time of this winter in Düsseldorf.
Image the chaos that took place on the streets.

Nevermind. I used my lunch break today to buy me a pair of new boots, Caterpillar Colorados, to be precisely. Color: Chocolate. Smooth leather, bot nubuck, what might be an advantage for the cleaning process (even if I own a special nubuck brush).

CAT is my favorite brand when it comes down to heavy boots. They follow me for the last 17 years, I guess. CATs are not that expensive as Red Wings and more true to their origin: Construction works.

For curious readers: You'll find the price in Euros on the sticker.

Sonntag, 28. November 2010

The Gentleman's game: Chess

Dear readers,

when I took a walk with my wife today, we stopped by chance at a little flea market, which you'll find in Germany quite often. I know this particular market for the main part as a gathering of ugly people selling trash to ugly people (the ones who carry a baby and got a cigarette in their mouth).

But this time it was different. On one side of the market we spotted vintage Harris Tweed jackets (not my size), one booth selling Barbour jackets which didn't look like copies (98 Euros for a new Beaufort, not my size. Strange! Maybe stolen goods?), another one did sell vintage Burberry trenches and Tweed jackets (Guess what: Not my size).

Then I noticed a jewel every Gentleman needs to own: A vintage wooden chessboard. The salesman demanded 25 € and after a few words I did pay 20 Euros, what is quite a bargain.

What can be more relaxing than a game of chess with your wife or a good friend and a glass of scotch?

Pls. double click images to enlarge.
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