Freitag, 31. Dezember 2010

Vintage clothes: My old Barbour.

Dear readers,

this is the jacket I love and hate.

I bought my Barbour Beaufort some years ago, 22 years to be precisely. We both have been trough a lot of struggle, like barbed wire fences at paddocks, tons of rain and even London's chilly autumn. I put a fake fur in it, bought a hood, gave it new waxing a few times, stiched its holes and treated it well.

It always did its job perfectly but I always had the feeling it was way too big for me.
The label said 48, of what I thought was a German 48 (38 in UK measures). So when I found out an UK's 48 was for a fat guy (I wear 40), I was pretty disappointed of the sales man, who didn't know the right sizes of English clothes and did sell me a sack jacket.

That was the point, when I decided not to trust recommendations of clothes sales men any longer. I figured that most of them are always wrong when it comes down to style, sizes, dessins, well, everything. So now, the only three guys I do trust, is me, myself and I.

Today I still like to wear my old Beaufort, because it does not have the name stiched on the left pocket's flap, has the original tartan check and has this killer patina you can't buy.

On the other hand, every time I wear it, I know that it's too big for me.

But 2011 will be the year to buy a new one. Or maybe I could ask the Barbour guys to do some size alterations? What would you do?

Happy New Year!

Rearranging my bars.

Dear readers,

first of all, welcome to my blog, Masood Khan.

I did a few changes in my bars in the past days. I've bought a little this and that but I'm not finished as you can imagine.
In my decanters you'll find J&B Scotch, a nice Sherry, some liqueur and some kind of Schnaps (I got no idea what it might be...).

And I did stock up my globe with some Brandy, Scotch, Jägermeister and Underberg. Still enough room :-)

Cheers, my friends and read you next year!
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