Dienstag, 10. Januar 2012

Book review: British Style (British Tradition and Interior Design) by Claudia Piras and Bernhard Roetzel

Dear readers,

most of us know Bernhard Roetzel as the author of "Gentleman - A Timeless Guide To Fashion", for me one of 2 leading books about clothes and style for men.

But did you know that Mr. Roetzel is co-author of a wonderful book called "British Style" (in Germany) or "British Tradition and Interior Design" (in the US and UK)?

This book takes you on a journey to british lifestyle and culture. On 340 pages you'll learn everything about Britain's architecture and history of palaces, mansions, manor and city houses, furniture and accessories, the Great Hall, dining rooms, living rooms, studies, country life, etc.


Bone china craftsmanship.

The dining room.

The full english breakfast.


College life.

Timetable with monarchy, styles, historical events, arts and culture, science and technology, architecture and design, international sensations.

If you fancy british culture just like Bernhard Roetzel does, this book is a must-have for you.

Buy it at once!

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